Monday, 27 April 2015


"If you don't stand for nothing, its best if you stay seated"... Yeh Bwoy's finest GT SOLO from Croydon, South London, lights the flame with his Fire In The Streets. He raps about his drive, ambition and passion in reference to his music and lifestyle. 

GT Solo rhymes about people doubting him, whilst also letting them know that even on the inside they know he is outstanding. Clearly confident about himself and his music, GT Solo announces that he is the competition and that he is never going to stop until he reaches the top.

He's not part or stuck in the box, not a stereotype and is simply trying to show a whole different side to his borough. I personally love to know that a rapper is not trying to be like everyone else. GT Solo brings the qualities and characteristics of someone with of a different mind set. In his most recent music video for his track 'Near U', he shows his audience that dreams do come true whist devoting and dedicating his track to those with Ambition. 
As i have mentioned before in previous blogs, it's becoming rare to find UK rappers with a positive drive, who are rapping to inspire people but GT Solo is one of the few. 

'Day Dreaming 2' is GT Solo's most recent EP. It is a mixture of his gritty urban edge and his ambitious commercial aspirations. 'School Dayz' being my favourite track reminds me off a huge amount of experiences that i have had growing up and i know may other people could relate too, so check it out! 

GT (Great Talent) SOLO is on a persistent road to the top. His patience, drive and perseverance is one of a kind. So stay on top his tracks, as he continues to bring his fire. 

Watch GT SOLO's, FIRE IN THE STREETS with Charlie Sloth - 

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

LaRose with ANJELO DISIONS @ I Am Next

"I don't consider age as a boundary"... ANJELO DISIONS is a 15 year old singer and songwriter, who is making a name for himself within the industry. His soulful voice and prodigious sounds are more then captivating.

I asked Anjelo how it feels to be becoming so successful at such a young age. "It's humbling", was his reply, he then told me that he does not consider age as a boundary or an excuse. Could his response be more perfect? Anjelo is clearly portraying the thought process of someone who is dedicated and passionate about his work and there is nothing better then seeing this from someone who is young and talented.

Anjelo doesn't just sing, he also plays the guitar and i later learnt at the event that he always is able to play the piano too. I asked Disions when he began playing the guitar, he surprised me and said since he was 13. I was beyond impressed! Only two years of learning the craft and he is already extremely skilled. In fact the first time i saw Anjelo perform was when he was busking. I asked him why he decided to busk and he said its because he loves singing and it is a good way to get his music heard by the people. What i think is very confident about Anjelo busking is that many people mistake busking as a cry for money, whereas Anjelo simply wanted to be heard, and people have been responding positively to his music.

Marvin Gaye inspired artist, Anjelo speaks to me about his greatest achievement so far, we spoke about his gig at the Roundhouse in Camden, and his soon to come EP, 'The Awakening' (OUT ON THE 26th APRIL) . Anjelo expressed to me that he has been creating his EP since he was 13 years old! My first thoughts on this was what masterpiece is Anjelo creating!? And that his listeners are going to be able to really hear his growth throughout the EP.

Anjelo made it known to me that he; "just wants to get out there more, as an artist", and that he would love to see himself at the MOBO's, the BRITS and the GRAMMY's. For Anjelo there is no limit within his music and his success throughout this music. 

Finally i asked Anjelo Dision's when he fell in love with singing; "Ever since i could start singing", was Anjelo's response, he about around the ages of 3-4 when he began singing and has always loved music.

Anjelo Dision's performance at I AM NEXT was acoustic and nothing less then beautiful, his soulful voice created a smooth atmosphere within the room. Anjelo is young and has his mind set on his dream, from what i see he is going in right direction. All my best wishes are on Anjelo's side! 

To listen to the interview with Anjelo Disions -

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Saturday, 11 April 2015

LaRose with CHE LINGO @ I Am Next

"Passionate, over passionate and way too passionate" ... CHE LINGO is a rapper from South West London, Battersea and he is causing mayhem on the rap scene because of his dope flow and deep lyrics!

After doing my research on Che Lingo, i felt that it was important to ask him how he would personally describe himself; "Passionate, over passionate and way too passionate", was his reply. Before speaking with Che Lingo, i watched a few of his previous performances and 'Confident' was the only word that i could use to describe him. The way he interacts with his audience and his presence on stage in general is extremely confident.

Through his music Che Lingo speaks about his dreams and future accomplishments telling his audience that "obstacles are a myths". During our interview i asked Che Lingo about how much he thinks he has grown since his song 'My Spaceship' which was released in 2012. He told me that he has learnt great amounts, not just about music but also how to be himself and honing his skills as an artists, capitalising on the things he likes to express through his music whilst keeping his listeners happy.

A few weeks before Che Lingo and I spoke, SBTV dropped a warm up session by the man himself and it was INCREDIBLE! Che Lingo gained over 17,000 views and still counting. I questioned Che Lingo on his feelings towards the reaction to the warm up session. He told me that he couldn't of asked for better reviews, the video was blogged between 15-20 times within the first few days of the release, the video views were reaching highs of 10,000+ views during the first 4+ days, more people started to check out Che Lingo's 'BLACK FLOW (THE E TAPE)"released back in August 2014 and most importantly more listeners started to pay closer attention to Che Lingo.
Che Lingo feels that the industry is still treating him very new, but he likes it! He voiced to me that he has realised that bigger artist are hearing much more about him now however they have not completely "taken him in" yet, but he is gaining the greater recognition he deserves and is seeing that the industry is captivating a serious attitude towards his music. "It's nothing but gratitude" he says.

'Mausoleum' is the latest single by Che Lingo. Again SBTV debuted the official video for the track and it has had nothing but positive reviews 'the jazz tinted ode' is absolute perfection! TRIP is the acronym that Che Lingo lives and inspires by, it means 'The Risk Is Proof'. If not for all, then for many the music industry is a great risk to pursue a career in and after hearing this acronym from Che Lingo, i am ALL for it too! We can look forward to more visuals from Che this year and a brand new debut EP. 

Finally i asked Che Lingo when he fell in love with rap. He told me that he fell in love with Grime before he fell in love with rap, he informed me that his flows and skills are inspired and come from old grime that he used too and still listens to now. He revealed to me that Grime was his first love and it has now grown, matured and developed into what he is today! 

Che Lingo's headlining performance at I AM NEXT was impeccable, his pure and constant passion leaked, surrounded and emancipated in and throughout the room. I wish Che Lingo nothing but the greatest success whilst he is on his journey to building his Mausoleum #TRIP 

To listen to the interview with Che Lingo -

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Sunday, 5 April 2015

LaRose with 4i @ I Am Next

 "4 is the vibe and the I is the vision"... 4i is a rapper, singer and songwriter, who was most definitely my favourite on the I AM NEXT line-up. 

I asked 4i to tell me the meaning behind his name and how it represented himself. "4 is the vibe and the I is the vision", which he then explained to mean that the number '4' has positive vibrations and the letter 'I' means to be aware of everything around you, with a level of enlightenment and a level of consciousness. Establishing this made me think about my perception of great music. Positive sounds and lyrics are crucial for me to hear whilst knowing that artist in question is also aware of his/her surroundings and environment when they are pursuing their different situations throughout their music. 4i does this! Consistently! 

4i then told me that he is not trying to express a level of consciousness, however he is trying to emancipate people to a particular degree, where he can inspire people to think for themselves, be happy with the skin that they are in and to simply allow people to be themselves, without being pressured or feeling like they are going to be judge. Knowing that 4i is attempting to express these feelings to his audience is exquisite. Artist like 4i are becoming extremely rare in the UK rap scene, which is an ultimate shame. I believe that too many listeners are blindsided by the underground street trash that is rapidly being circulated throughout the UK. Let 4i be your breath of fresh air! 
SOUL RICH is 4i's latest EP, he told me that his listeners can expect good vibes and positive music, from Soul Rich, with some conscious messages. So make sure you check it out! 

When watching 4i's 'Soul Rich' music video, you will notice that a whole bunch of people wearing gold mask. I asked 4i about this; he explained to me that the gold mask was an idea that came from another member of the Paradime collective. 4i's gold masks are described as an mascot of being Soul Rich, his masks have been used throughout the Soul Rich journey and is generally a representation of the EP. 4i also decoded his meaning behind his EP title, allowing me to understand that Soul Rich is all about self worth. We discussed his thoughts on the materialistic world we are living in and he feels that Soul Rich exemplifies self value. 

Finally i asked 4i when he fell in love with rap. He told me that he was around the age of 13/14 and he was on the computer making and playing with beats, he was looking through his fathers CD collection in order to find something to sample, when he came across KRS One - Criminal Minded and was 'blown away'. He then wrote his first verse and attempted to create his beat and from that day he fell in love with music. 

4i took to the stage with great presence. My favourite track performed was his 4th Eye (Freestyle), where he had his audience including myself greatly applauding. I look forward to 4i's huge success! 

To listen to the interview with 4i -

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- LaRose