Tuesday, 26 May 2015


It's almost as addictive as the app! I recently listened to Shayne Brown's track 'Snapchat', and the song has been stuck in my head ever since! It's fun, catchy, well structured and relatable .. for some ;).

Shayne's is the vocalist as well as the rapper on this track, which was a pleasant surprise for me. I love when a rapper is capable of singing too.

From what I have heard already, I think he's definitely on the right track and this song is one that I hope to hear many more of. I just wish it was longer!   

Monday, 25 May 2015

LaRose with NADIA ROSE @ I Am Next

"I would describe myself as an enigma" ... NADIA ROSE is a rapper from South London. She describes herself as an enigma and tells me that people only know her if she allows them to, otherwise people have to create their own perception from what she shows them. 

One of the first questions that I asked Nadia Rose was how does she describes her music. She started of by telling me that she likes to call her music 'alternative rap' and that she is not following the guidelines whilst trying to venture out, attempting to bring back old sounds with new sounds that people are familiar with. 
From listening to Nadia Rose's track 'Murder' you will understand exactly what type of sound she's bringing. 

We then continued on and spoke about her connection with her audience when performing. Prior to the interview, I watched her 'On Road with Nadia Rose', which shows Nadia performing at different events. What I loved about her stage presence was the way she was able to hype her crowd using her charisma and confidence. She said "I like to think that it's more then just music, I think I show my character through what I do as well". Her audience is then capable of seeing that she is not being reserved. People like and appreciate performers like this. 

I asked Nadia what her greatest achievement has been so far. She expressed to me that she feels that her greatest achievement has been the progression she has made. From releasing her music completely in July 2014, to performing at her first open mic also in July 2014 and by January 2015 she began headlining shows. 
Learning about artists' progression is very inspiring to me. Finding out about how quickly Nadia Rose has progressed and gained a name for herself is mind blowing, especially because she seemed like a very down to earth and humble person. 

"I plan to wreak havoc on the world", says Nadia Rose's when I asked what her future goals and achievements were, it's all music for her. She's building her fan base and foundation, whilst sharing her love.
I went on to ask about her name and the use of 'Rose', I felt that the sound she is bringing is the complete opposite to her name. She then told me that her birth name is Nadia Rose and her story goes back to her school days, where there was two Nadia's in her class and everyone used her surname to differentiate between the two,"It just stuck.. sounds kinda sexy as well".

She is not a 'female MC'. Nadia explained to me why she doesn't call herself a female MC. This conversation began when I asked her how she feels about being a female MC in a male dominating industry. "I am music"; Nadia feels that females are boxed in enough and by referring and relating herself to gender roles, she feels as though she is boxed in even more. However she does feel that being a women in the industry has pros and cons but at the end of the day she is coming for everyone, man or women. I LOVE THIS! Nadia rose has the perfect state of mind, talking to her has shown me that there are no limits or boundaries for her or her music, we need more people with the mind of Nadia Rose in the world.

Finally I asked Nadia Rose when she fell in love with rap. She opens up and tells me that she fell in love with rap when she was at her lowest point, she picked up a pen and decided to write, nothing else made any sense at that point and she is thankful for this. 

A rose from the concrete. 

Her performance at I AM NEXT was energetic, charismatic and entertaining. I look forward to the havoc! 

To listen to the interview with Nadia Rose - 


Friday, 22 May 2015

LaRose on CHE LINGO's - STREET HEAT with Link Up TV

"These nigga's make me cross, like the symbol thats on churches" ... CHE LINGO does it again. 
Bringing the ultimate fire during his most recent Street Heat Freestyle with Link Up TV. 

"I stay grounded where the earth is to make contact with your soul", is my favourite line throughout the whole freestyle. Che Lingo spits about other rappers unfortunate materialistic mindsets whilst comparing himself as someone who has taken risks in his future; "spending time in the present on rapping and getting dough". 

Che Lingo gives us some insight on his own personal history, telling his listeners that his father was a deejay from Clapham in the 90's, whilst also speaking on his childhood peers and how much their lives have changed.

What I personally enjoy about watching Che Lingo's freestyles compared to his songs is that everything is much more raw. Che Lingo has the ability to bring some serious flames during both a freestyle and a song but within his freestyles he is extremely captivating and is beyond any limits. 

"This pen might be the key to the problem they didn't solve"
                                                                                      - Che Lingo 

I think that Che Lingo is a highly lyrical poetic genius and he has plenty more in store!


Friday, 8 May 2015


Bringing vibes from grime and reggae together, FOOTSIE and D DOUBLE E making NEWHAM GENERALS are releasing fire with their new track 'Soundboi Killa'. 

In the video the duo are boisterous and uncontrollable whilst pursing their sci-fi operated mission given to them by producer of the track Toddla T. The video is great quality and extremely unconventional. It's almost like your watching a movie! 

Check it out here - 


Monday, 4 May 2015


'Everything' is the latest track released by 21 year old singer Kadeem Tyrell. His sound has the ability and potential to create a great name for himself in the R&B industry. 

The song is about his realisation for love and the idea of having and being someones everything.

Kadeem Tyrell's beautiful harmonies moulds the body of the track, making it pleasurable for everyone to listen to, whilst his lyrics relate to almost any and everyone on the common subject of love.

Check it out here-


LaRose with JAE POET @ I Am Next

"I'm going to bring a fusion of music and poetry" ... JAE POET is the spoken word artist and singer who is bringing back the merge of song and poetry, and she's doing this with a bang. 

I asked Jae Poet how open she was regarding her music and her poetry, she then told me that, she is very open, that she thinks that it is important to be open because conveying her open life experiences to people can sometimes help others throughout their own experiences. 
I would count myself as a person who uses music to get through different personal experiences and struggles and I know that there are many other people like me, so I definitely think that Jae Poet is on the right track here.

Jae then told me that her poems are not always based around her own situations, after finding this out I then questioned her on her ability of becoming so deep in her work, she told me that "having the ability to empathise with people"  and putting herself in other peoples situations, helps her write about them. 

Who and what inspires you? Was the next question that I asked Jae Poet. "My mum inspires me", without being cheesy or cliche Jae spoke to me about how honest her mother is, in regards to her music, always letting her know what sounds best and what doesn't. 
I then asked Jae if she is picky when it comes to choosing the right beats to speak and sing over, because I have always thought that with poetry and spoken word, finding the perfect beat for the perfect lyrics is the most important. She let me know that she does think the same also because many spoken word artist can be mistaken for just another person trying to rap. 

We then spoke about the concept of her track 'DAMAGED'.Firstly Jae Poet told me that it is 'sort of' based around herself and is heightened in some parts. She also voiced to me that at the end of her performances she likes to tell the audience that she has not been hurt before, even though she has, simply because she does not want her audience to think that everything that she writes about is completely negative and that the general topic of 'Damaged' is about moving on.

A fusion of music and poetry is what Jae Poet is bringing to the industry, seeing as the last artist(s) to create music and poetry was the British duo 'Floetry' so I definitely think that Jae Poet has a seat waiting for her in the industry.

Finally I asked Jae Poet when she fell in love with poetry. "I've always been in love with poetry" was her reply. She then told me that when she was 10 and in primary school she entered a poetry competition, which resulted with the winner being published in a poetry book called 'Hullabaloo'. Jae wrote a 12 lined poem and won the competition and from then she fell in love with poetry. 

Jae Poet's performance at I AM NEXT was lyrical, engaging and mesmerising. Continue to watch with me Jae Poet's journey to bringing a fusion of music and poetry back. I look forward to it. 

To listen to the interview with Jae Poet -

- LaRose